Installing a metal roof over a rubber roof

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I live on a high mountain elevation, my 50 year old low pitch roof house faces North. Not very warm in the winter. Question, I have some leakage in my current rubber roof arounf the chimney most of the contractors I have had look at thanks it can be repaired and that replacing the roof is not necessary. However, I havee considered putting a new metal roof on. Can a metal roof be installed over an exsisting rubber roof ? What would be the major advantages of a metal roof ? Also, could the metal roof be insulated better than rubber to give us more warmth in the winter ? Thanks for your help -- Dan C.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Need to know more information such as pitch and rafter length however one needs to be carefull adding more insulation to make sure you do not trap condensation when leaving the old membrane in place.Typically you need to add 40% more insulation and a closed cell styrofoam is best. When the slope gets down below 3/12, then the metal selection becomes more limited in meeting your needs. Typically it starts leaning towards commercial type products which are more expensive.
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