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I am interested in doing my own metal roof, about 30 squares, 4-12 pitch. A local supplier said they only sell to roofing contractors because there has been too much hand holding with homeowners in the past. I was hoping to hire someone with experience to inspect my work and make sure I am not making a mistake. I have some level of mechanical ability, I have rebuilt engines, welding, framing, rock, electrical, etc... My primary motivation is to save money, as I have the time available. I also have more confidence in the quality of my own work. Lastly I am not interested in subsidizing the illegal alien crisis in the United States and it seem that, at least in my area illegals dominate the industry. Do you think this is too ambitious a project for a do it yourself homeowner? Where could I find support resources?A
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Angus, please email direct to me at [email protected] and we can email direct back and forth. I will try to help you find what you're seeking.
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Todd, My son-in-law has put up the framing for a 12'x12' extenstion from he side of the house intending to put up a metal roof for just an overhang to be able to sit on the deck out of the sun. He has installed the posts and ceiling joists, (16" centers), and is ready to do the roof. He was told to nail down 1x2 strips across the joists to screw the roof to the joists. Is this correct? Do we put any type of caulking down first? What is needed to be done now so we will be able to enclose it in sometime later, if we wanted too? As you can see, we are novices but we are handy and many things. We would appreciate your help. Thanks.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
The building code does have some requirements especially if you are goin to close it in later. I would recommend solid sheating, a good quality underlayment, then 1x2 strips vertically over the rafters to provide an air space and then 1x4 strapping horizontal to accept the sheet steel. Use a profile venting closure strip at the eave under the sheets to close the space and then another at the top between the sheets and the wall flashing. make sure the sheets stop 1" short of the wall. This way the air can move up under the sheets. Later when yoy close it in, you can insulate and put an interior air barrier and you comply with the code.
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