Listed Metal Roofing Product: Installed Over Spaced Sheathing

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Single family house constructed late 1980's with wood shakes. Looking for a product that will allow installation over spaced sheathing (will tear off exising shakes). I recall reading some metal roof manufactures allow spaced sheathing, even though most recommed solid sheathing (15/32 typical). Any recommedations would be appreciated, open to style (vertical or horizontal panels). I will be obtaining a building permit and the product will require a listing for spaced sheathing installation. Thanks, RC
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Many of the stone-coated steel shakes and tile on this site, as well as some of the standing seam panels, can be installed in this manner. However, good attic ventilation will be critical to avoid condensation forming on the exposed back side of the metal roofing.
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