Brad Smith
I am building a pole type house. Trusses are on 2 ft centers. I used 2x4 purlins also 2 ft on center. I came across a deal at the local auction on some 1 1/8 styrofoam pannles 20 1/2 wide with a vinyl facing on them. ( typically used for garage door insulation) they fit right in betwwen my purlins so i thought what the heck maybe this will help to prevent condonsation. The supply store talked me into tying out this new underlayment roof top guard II ( ever use it and do you like it?) so I guess my question is simply do you see any problems thus far or am I on the right track? Thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
You do need to build to the building code. Certainly an underlay is required and using an upgraded one is best. You do need to look at the complete roof assembly as a system though. If you have an attic then putting insulation directly under the roof covering is of little value. If you have a vaulted ceiling then make sure that you have an interior air barrier. The insulation you talk about is no where near thick enough to comply with the code. Best I can do with the info supplied.
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