Compatibility of terne metal (non-stainless) with roofing cements

Paul R. Ogushwitz
We are starting roof repair on terne metal cladded wraparound porch with box gutters on our circa 1910 Craftsman home. Some web postings claim that roofing cement is incompatible with terne and will corrode it. Other postings (see thread "copper flat seam panel" on this message board) claim that good results are achieved with fiberglass membrane embedded in liquid asphalt. This being the internet, it is difficult for me to determine which posts contain accurate info. My questions: (1) Is asphalt roofing cement incompatible with terne metal? (2) Are non-asphalt roofing cements available that are compatible with terne metal? (3) If we must avoid roofing cements altogether, can anyone comment on "Acrymax" from Preservation Products? (4) Do other products exist similar to "Acrymax"? Thank you.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I would contact wheeling Corrugated as theyor Follansbee steel who makes a terne coated stainless steel. As far as preservation, there is a company called Cal Coatings that manufacture and old type roof paint that I believe might be terpentine based.
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