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I am installing steel sheet roofing on a roof with a 12/13 pitch. The panels are 3' wide and will run the length of the roof (13'). Unfortunately, I have two dormers with valleys that start at the peak of the roof and run to about mid-point on the roof. 2x4 strapping is in place and I am ready to go - but my question is: how to terminate the gable dormer valleys and transition to the rest of the roof. Specifically, the panels at the top of the roof will be on TOP of the valley, but at the end, must go UNDER the valley. How is this achieved? Addittionally, how is the valley trimmed at the bottom transition point? (ie. flush with dormer wall? left square? or ????) Many thanks!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Sorry for getting back so late but this one got lost in the shuffle. First there is nothing like asking the manufacturer. If they don't have good instructions at least they will get the message. Basically you need two shorter sheets instead of one long one. Starting at the eaves you bring a sheet up the side of the dormer to a point a minimum of 1 foot past the lower edge of the valley. Then you install the valley metal so that it exits down onto the lower sheet. Then you can install the upper sheet over the valley metal and lower sheet. It is best to lay the sheets out so the sheets on each side of the each dormer are symetrical to each dormer. Try to keep the lower sheets to about half a sheet in width. This makes it easier to work with and the joint less visable.
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