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I am having a 5-v metal roof installed..over existing shingles with 1x4 laid down first. The job is only 1/3 finished and I am seeing alot more "waves" or "oil-canning" as the builder is calling it..than I expected. The material was in fine shape before installation..and the "ripples" are not really where where the screws were fastened..but seem to be every 8-10 inches up most every panel. They are very obvious in the afternoon contractor says that "is normal" ...I am very concerned, this is a huge investment for me, and does not look right to me. Oh, the panels are natural, not painted, would painting help minimize that look, if indeed it isunavoidable?? I'd so appreciate your feedback....I am a single mother and work as social I really am out of my element here!! Thanks so much
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Unfortunately this is more common on the 5V panels. A certain amount is normal but unfortunately there are no current industry standards set as yet to measure. I would ask him to stop and have the manufacturer come out to inspect.
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