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My contractor installed the entire metal roof (CANAM) on my cabin, The valley flashing W type at the bottome of the valley where it meets the 12 12 pitch leaks. 1st I have climbed up and down to try and fix it with butyl etc, but the problem seems to be that the valley flashing is too short and dumps the water inside. Very slow leak 2nd Originally he put a patch on the inside of the cabin to cover the valley flashing and metal roof 12 12 pitch, which I didnt think was right. Why would you need a patch right? 3rd the valley flashing was cut short, and ran parallel with the strapping, I dont think that is right either I thought it should be bent. 4thwhy would he be using a sealent, this stuff dries out eventually, at the bottome of the valley flashing is that normal? that seems to be pretty weak to me. 5th I have extra metal and a little extra valley flashing, but I dont know how to add the valley flashing under the old stuff to run it out 4 inches or so over the end, It actually seems impossible because it would hit the metal roof which is cut on the 12 12 pitch right at the dormer, so it could be slid into place originally. Thanks for your patience .
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would contact the manufacturer of the roofing for their input but it sounds to me like the roofing in this area will need to be removed and then re-installed with the correct langth valley.
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