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We want to know if a metal roof is a good idea for our home. I was looking on the internet a while ago and it said a metal roof is better then a rubber is that true. I had the roof hot tarred a few years back but the may said we need to have it papered and cemented.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Certainly, as manufacturers and suppliers of metal roofing, we believe metal is better for many applicaions. On a low pitch roof like yours, though, the key will be in choosing a metal roof which is appropriate for the low pitch.
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I have heard from some neighbors in my area with metal roofs that they do have a long life when compared with normal shingles. But, of course it will cost you more than the normal shingles. Again you will need to ask yourself is a new metal roof that costs more but has a longer lifespan vs. cheaper shingles that will not carry such a lifespan. Here is a new roof calculator to estimate the costs for metal vs. shingles. regards, mark
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