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Hello Experts- I am a remodeling contractor but haven’t done a metal roof yet. I need to re-roof my own home and want to use metal. I planning on re-roofing over existing asbestos shingles. Please advise me on the following: 1. Best type to self-install, e.g. 5vcrimp? 2. How to install? 3. Best type for highest insurance discount, e.g. UL4? 4. Best ridge vents and how to install? 5. Best improved insulation value? 6. Cost of each factor delivered to San Antonio, Texas? Thanks for your help. Tom Kennedy
Allan Reid
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As an association we do not get involved in pricing. There are so many differant types of systems and grades of metal and coatings that it is difficult to answer your question in this forum. If you go to the find a contractor section of the site, you can look up member manufacturers who sell product in your area. Contact the ones you have an interest in. From there look at products that carry a ICC product approval and have fire and hail listings such as Class 4 (UL2218)Hail rating.
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