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How do you reduce oil canning beyond the use of stirations? What is an acceptable amount of oil canning on a panel? Is oil canning avoidable?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Again, oil canning is a result of stresses in coild of steel where the centre of the coil is a differant length than the side. This can be caused at the steel mill or it can be caused by an improperly set up roll forming machine. Certain profiles like a snap lock vertical seam roof are more apt to show any problems. Certain colours alos show the stress more than others and so do longer sheets. Also there is the issue on installation on certain products where fasteners are overtightend and the sheets can not float as well. All in all many variables. Oil canning is not avaoidable but there are ways to best control it. The industry is trying to come up with guidelines on the issue but has not arrived at a concensus yet.
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