Double Dip Galvanize versus Painted and Storage of Material

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Hi! I have a high animals inside, but in an area with hunting/shooting. The barn would be used for purely storage. Our contractor tells us that DDG would be a better choice than painted due to potential for stray gun fire and the resulant holes (ie easier and less noticeable to fix than painted). However, upon researching, I find that the painted product, in general, carries a longer warranty (25-30 years) than does the DDG (at 20 -25 years). The painted is also less expensive. Recommendations? The next question relates to storage of the panels on site. I have read where you should not store stacked metal roofing outside regardless of finish (galvanized or painted). I can see where painted would pose a problem, but, would galvanize also be a problem if stacked outside for a short period of time (ie 3 months or less)? Thanks for your time and consideration! Anita Kingsbauer
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
He is right in that a bare Galvanized roof can easily be soldered and the heavier coating of zinc will help prolong the life. Zinc is expensive theses days and does dissipate off the metal with age. Try using Galvalume bare as it is economical and would provide more than double the life in your environment. If you get small holes you can use stich screws to seal them.
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