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I'm trying to work with a home owner's association and although a number of houses in the development have metal roofing I'm being pressed to provide reflectivity data to prove that the metal roofing product and colors that I specify will not be to reflective. Don't ask me what to reflective is since I'm in the bring me a rock response mode at this point in time. Are there any industry studies, references or standards that can be read or referred to? Thanks in advance.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Ray, By "reflectivity," I assume you're referring to "gloss". Generally, within our industry, "reflectivity" refers to solar reflection and is a good thing as it helps reduce a/c costs. Lighter colors are more reflective as are darker colors which have special reflective pigment. In regards to "gloss," many companies now offer low-gloss or "matte" finishes which would refer to paints with gloss of 10 degrees or less. Traditional gloss is 30 degrees or more. Also, there are products with stone coatings which have very little gloss. Gloss does diminish with age and dirt accumulation. You may be interested in an article I have on residential metal roofing. Please email to me if you would like a copy it. My email is [email protected]
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