Colored Metal Roofing / Winter vs Summer

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Hello Experts- If a darker color roof absorbs heat like (red,green,black), in the summer it can be hotter than regular roofing materials.Then in winter time if you have sunny days, will the dark colored roof still absorbe the heat? But my real question is if there is a big difference between painted metal roofing and just plain metal? Thank you! Kent
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The reflectivity of metal roofing is not overly helpful in the winter assuming you have a vented attic space. Winter efficiency is best achieved with insulation on the floor of your attic. Unpainted metals will dull and lose their reflectivity over time. Additionally, painted metals have greater emissivity which is a good thing. As far as painted metals, look for lighter colors or darkers colors utilizing reflective pigments. As an example, my company's colors all use reflective pigment. Good luck with your decision.
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