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Gentlemen, Thank you for all your previous help in my installation of a vertical seams metal roof. I installed it over an existing shingle roof and used battens between the two. The most important thing is my cabin is now DRY!!! I am now installing my woodstove and was wondering the best type of "boot" to use where the pipe goes through the roof. I will be using double wall stainless steel piping through the roof. Also, the pipe will penetrate the roof near the bottom of the slope (14'). Should I build a cricket above it to divert the water? Thanks!
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
It depends on the profile of vertical seam. If you had a 16" standing seam and your pipe was 12" placed in the centre between the ribs, then you could use a flexible ruber boot thet slides over the pipe and is stich screwed to the metal. If you have ribs closer together and terminating behind the chimney yoy should try to bring the pipe up centred on a sheet. Normally you need two separte sheets but as you are existing, cut the sheet across centred on the pipe and remove the top part.Get a metal jack flashing with a large base (wider than the sheet)and install it over the pipe. Use a closure strip to close the bottom. Cut the upper sheet to clear the pipe and reinstall over the flashing.
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