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Hello Experts- Do the metal roofs look right on a brick home and if so, what type? My husband wants the metal roof but I do not know how the vertical strips will look, and he has heard that the other kinds are not as efficient. Is this true? We will do something soon and I need to know. Thanks a million, Barbara Smith
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
There are many more styles of metal roofing than just vertical rib panels and there are many more types of finishes other than paint such as granular coatings. With this comes many differant types of systems and applications. I would suggest that you go to the phot gallery at our web site ( and see the various systems. Metal roofing is now available with Energy Star ratings and some like our firm have LEEDS approved products. Coupled with all this is the performance of a metal roof system against fire, hail, rain and especially wind.
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