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I have a 35 year old house that has been a problem to roof since day one, Part of the house is rambler style, no issues there,but on one end there is a very large circular, (actually 12 sided) living room. This part has a vaulted ceiling with lam beams and a deck of t&g pine, exposed on the inside. There are 2 inches of foam over this. And many failed attempts at roofing over that. It has all the problems, low pitch, no solid deck, and a lot of pie shaped sections that meet at low angles. I would like to use steel panels because they can be installed on battens, pole barn style and would not need a deck. But can anyone fit those pie sections so thay don't leak? Alternative is rubber.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Too many questions and not enough information. I think you may have condensation issues and not rain as you have limited insulation and probably no ventilation. Probably need to add insulation, plywood, ice and water shield, then a vented air space and the roof covering.
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