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I am installing Klauer Suburban pole barn style steel on an old schoolhouse. I need to install my valley flashings. The little gable dormers have a 5' valley that terminates at the at the decking and then the eave for the dormer. Can anyone suggest an installation sequence ( install..., 2nd...then you...) Some how I will need to have this "w" valley flashing be ontop of the lower roof panel. Any ideas for this application?
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Well the manufactureris the best place to start. Having said that lay the roof sheets out so that full sheets are centred on each side of the dormer if possible. You then need to use two sheets at each side of the dormer. Install the lower sheet so that it terminates at approximately the top of the valley metal. Install the velley metal so that it terminates over ont the lower sheet. Then install the upper sheet tapered to fit the valley metal and leave the lower square edge just clear of the centre of the valley metal. Basically you are making a sandwich.
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