It Only Leaks When It Rains (horizontally)

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The metal roof on our log home was installed in 2000. About once every other summer we get a violent thunderstorm that blows the rain in horizontally. The house leaks like a seive! We think it is leaking along the ridge cap and other neighbors have had similar problems. Is there a way to seal the ridge cap from water without stopping ventilation? Would a 2nd, larger ridge cap over the existing one work? Or. since we are still finishing the home, should we just put in finishes that can stand to get wet once every other year?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would contact the manufacturer of the roofing and get their advice. I really do not know how your ridge has been handled but there are right ways and wrong ways to do things and it sounds like yours was done wrong. I am sorry. There may be closure strips that would help or it's possible they simply did not close off the ridge the way that they should have. If you wish, you can email pictures to me and I will try to give some further advice. I would require good clear close-ups of the ridge. Todd Miller [email protected]
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