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1920's garage with the original corrugated steel roof that is leaking. This is a second home so when it leaks during the winter I am not there to see exactly where the leak is. Two years ago, replaced the screws where previous leaks occurred. Now, it is time to replace the entire roof. Can I remove existing steel roof, cover roof with roofing paper and then replace with existing steel panels? This property is located 49 miles from the nearest community. Supplies and or repair men are non existant so I am trying to be creative. Any help is appreciated.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Generally yes. I would suggest numbering the panels so they go back in the same order and probably would be a good time to paint them. Watch the overlaps as they may have some rust or devris in them that is causing the leaks.
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You could also try a roof maintenance system. One of the best is made by republic powdered metals. It is a bit pricy, but much less labor intensive, and coes with a very good warrantee.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks John.
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