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hi, we are planning an addition that extends out the rear of our home but the roof line will connect with the exsting shingles. We would like to use a green standing seam metal roof on it but our contractor is concerned that it will not look right butted up against the existing shingles. My question is can you put a metal roof right up against standard shingles (we do not want to replace the entire roof), we always see this roof by itself ----is this ever done? thanks alot any input is helpful
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Sure, I have seen this done before and it can be done in ways which make it look like it was designed to be that way. The trickiest part is the transition from one roof to the other. A transition flashing must be installed, and it must be installed in a way which maintains a positive pitch and does not accidentally start to drain water the wrong direction.
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thanks for getting back to us so quick, if anyone has a picture of a asphalt shingle roof joined with a standing seam, we would love to seeit thanks
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
A transition flashing is typically a minimum 18" or wider sheet on metal to match your metal roof. The lower the slope the wider the flashing. If there is a slope change at the junction you will need to have it bent to fit the angle. You will need to remove the nails from the shingles with a wonder bar and slide the metal up under the shingles and the existing underlayment a minimum of 13", then renail the shingles. The metal will transrom over the top of the metal roofing and you can use a profiled closure strip to seal between.
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