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Todd.. I have read many of the questions and answers and have learned a lot about what the requirements are for a metal roof installation. You have a lot of knowledge, and I thank you for sharing it. My question is about a new roof installation. I am building a steel frame house and I will have a metal roof installed. The material is 26 gauge 5V Gavalume (non-coated). The trusses are 4-foot on center with steel horizontal purlins (hat channel) on 2 foot center from eave to ridge. The roof pitch is 6/12. I will have spray foam insulation installed inside the house, and it will completely cover the underside of the decking on the roof. What decking material do you suggest? I will ask all potential contractors what type of underlayment material they will use on top of the decking. I assume that I should have battens installed over the decking and underlayment to provide for ventilation under the roof panels. What is the proper spacing for the battens (vertical and horizontal)? Thank you in advance for your help.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Thanks for your question. A common decking is 1/2" plywood and that should be fine, both for attachment of the roofig nd for the spray insulation. If you install battens, then the vertical battens should beevery 24" I would think but you may wish to check with your local building inspector. The horizontal batten spacing will be specified by the roofing manufacturer. I hope this helps. Best Regards.
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