9 stand vs. 12 stand 0n-site roll forming machine for Metal Roofing

Guest User
I have been asked the difference between a 9 stand and 12 stand roll forming machine for forming standing seam roof panels on the project site.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
A 9 stand machiune means that the metal goes between 9 sets of rolls to form the final panel. I am sure you can figure out what 12 stand means then. :-) Now, the next question might be, does it make any difference? In an apples vs apples situation, you could probably expect a higher quality panel, with less chance for waviness, off of the 12 stand machine. However, poor machine adjustment, inexperienced operator, bad metal stock, poor product and/or machine design -- these things could all come into play and actually allow a better panel to be formed on the smaller machine.
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