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I will be replacing the old corragated roofing on my hip roofed house. What is the proper procedure? The 50+ year old metal is over 2 layers of asphalt roofing which is over 1x10 sheathing. There is a tiny attic with rock wool insulation and no attic ventilation. Do I tear off everything down to sheathing? If so what allowances do I make for condensation? The house is heated by wood. Can I put the metal directly on the sheathing.OR can I put the new metal over the old? I am considering using either Wheeling Centurydrain or Union Master Rib. Thank you for your time. Bill Vaughn
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Time does come to pay the piper and with this many build ups I strongly recommend the tearoffs which will allow a review of the deck and structure. I don't know where your houes is however if it is in a snow area the house was probably designed so that the heat loss would mely the snow and keep the load off the roof. Anyways, I would tear off back to the deck, make any repairs as required, install a good quality underlayment, strap the roof vertically with a 1x2 or better directly over the rafters and then strap horizontally as required by the manufacturer. Then I would use a vented closure strip at the eaves and ridge. Chose a lighter colour if possible although this vented air chamber will increase the comfort level of your home and save on utility bills. Do it right, do it once. Hope this helps.
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