A Few Metal Roofing Statistics?

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Hello Experts- I apologize for the extra long posting! I am the treasurer on the Board of Directors for a building on the ocean in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. We had a new BUR roof with gravel installed in 2002. Apparently it was a very poor job since it is now in need of major repairs or even replacement. The company that did the installation went out of business. We are fighting with Honeywell, the company that gave us the warranty. However, we cannot wait for the results of that to take care of our roof. My dad was a civil engineer, but I don't claim any technical knowledge of Engineering, other than what I have recently read and studied. We are looking for something that we REALLY know will stand up for AT LEAST 20 years with the problems here in Florida of severe heat, lightening and hurricanes. We (mainly I) are concerned about the gravel on the roof. At present it is almost all loose (on the roof but loose). The gravel act like a bullet during hurricanes and you can imagine the effects. I spoke with our contracted Engineers about the metal roofing and they say that as far as they know it is very good. However, they also say that although the metal roofing companies are giving 30 to 50 year warrantees, it is hard to predict how long it will really hold up since it has not been installed anywhere for that long. They also do not know too much about this type of roofing. I referred one of them to one of the web sites. We therefore need to know the following: A) Where in the USA it has been installed the longest? B) Has it been installed in any areas with the type of weather and hurricanes which we have here in Florida? C) Do you know if the metal roof would be approved by the State of Florida, in particular, Broward County? D) Are there any contractors in Florida who do, and have had experience, with Metal Roofing? I will go to the web site that you suggested to get further information. However, if you could give us additional assistance we would be very grateful. Thanks Arlene Gronowetter
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Hi Arlene. Thanks for your posting. Metal roofing has a long history in the US. Here's an example that will be very meaningful to you ... the old part of Key West is full of metal roofs on buildings which were installed on buildings built down there in the early 1900s after a devastating fire. There are many metal roofs carrying Metro Dade NOA. They can be found through the Metro Dade website. If you use the Find A Contractor feature of this website, you will locate quite a number of experienced metal roofing contractors in Florida.
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