Skylights with standing seam roof

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A customer would like a nice Standing Seam metal roof on his barn with skylights. He now has the corrugated translucent panels that conform to the old corrugated roofing (that is coming off). Since I have only done a typical curb mounted residential double pane skylight with a standing seam roof and flashing I think the cost would be prohibitive to go that way, even on a nice barn! Is there a "flat" type skylight material that would work around a SS metal roof for utility buildings? The owner doesn't mind having the purlins (1x4's @ 2'OC) showing through, he just wants natural light in there. (Guess the horses can read better that way) Any ideas? Dick
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Dick, Thanks for your question. You have a great sense of humor. I know the industry and what's available pretty well and I do not know of anything like you're mentioning. Now, you can curb mount some of the lower cost skylights -- you don't have to have a top quality skylight in order to build a curb to put it on. But, I would only use a curbed skylight with standing seam.
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