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I had a metal roof installed recently. The flashing was nailed to the roof and then the roofing was installed over the flashing. I have leaks in all the places flashing was installed. Do the metal shingles have be removed to correct the flashing problem? (The flashing is completely under the roofing).
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Some of the new metal shingle systems use a concealed trim piece at the gables and valleys etc wher it is installed first and the metal shingles are cut and tucked into the "J" exposed side of the trim. This trim is deisgned to shed the majority of the water on the surface and then direct the balance down and out under the shingles. These details require a certain attention to detail firstly in placing the right fastener correctly, that the cuts be made accurately and that the exit points of the flashing be correct. This type of detail if not completed correctly is prone to the collection of debris especially pine needles which drives the water under. You need to get your contractor back. If you meet resistance then contact the distributor of the product and politely explain your situation and ask for his help in resolving it.
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