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Hi, I've done a fair amount of research online about possibly convering our flat roof (about 850 sq ft) to some sort of metal sloped roof (would like something domed - but doesn't seem common). Our roof has about a 3 foot wall around it that I'm almost positive would be structurally acceptable for the outer framing. I've seen lots of the metal frame structure examples, and kind of understand that. I know you can't give me an estimate, but can you give me a ballpark on cost - should we expect to pay 20, 30, 40 percent more than just reroofing, or are we looking at maybe double the cost? My wife and I are not agreeing on this, yet. I want to add the over-roof so that we have storage under the new roof. We have a rooftop deck next to this area, and I want to be able to store deck furniture, etc., in the winter. Oh yes, we can get wind gusts as high as 60mph, so I'm sure we'd have to have an architect look at the design. The house was built to withstand sustained winds of 80mph. I've attached a quick and dirty sketch of what we're dealing with. Thanks
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Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Because of the structural work, you are looking at substantially more cost than just a typical re-roof. I would say 3 - 4 times the cost. The only way to know for sure of course is to get some bids.
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