Securring Coverage On Unfinished Project?? HELP!!!

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Hello Experts- Our new home is under construction and has been delayed because of unavailability of bricks. We have a stone coated metal roof. Areas have not been completed at the flashing because the stucco, stone, brick has not been appiled. Heavy rains have occurred. Is there a method of secure coverage with plastic on a metal roof to prevent damage (which I am afraid has already occurred). HELP!!!! A PROMPT REPLY WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. THANKS. Nancy
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You can use terminator bars and sealant to attach a quality underlayment or even a self-sealing underlayment up the wall and then let that come down onto the roof and be worked into the underlayment on the roof. Ideally, though, the roof flashing could go ahead and be putin place, awaiting the wall finish and then the roof installation.
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