Installing Metal Roofing on a Vaulted Ceiling

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I'm sorry if you've answered this before. I've read through the questions and answers and am still a little confused. If one has a vaulted ceiling, exposed rafters covered with a wood sheathing, can one lay roofing felt over the sheathing, and metal roof over that - directly on the felt? There wouldd be an air space - the room itself that the vaulted ceiling covers. I understand that some heat would still pass into the room, but if the vaulted roof were vented at the top and the bottom would this be an acceptable practice? Cold would never be a problem as far as condensation goes, but would the heat cause the roof to deteriorate? Thanks
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you're venting that inside space, as I know is sometimes done in your area, this would probably work.
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