Mechanically Locked Panels vs. Snap-lock

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I'm looking into a raised-rib vertical panel roof for my large 1812 home. Have discussed with various roofers and find there's a difference of some $20,000 between the low bid, using "snap-lock" seams, and the high bid, using "mechanically locked panels" - but the high bidder can't explain the difference to me. Can someone at MRA? Thanks -
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Mechanically seamed panels are very importaan on roofs of very low pitch, say 2:12 or less. They may offer greater wind resistance on steeper roofs but that is subject to some debate due to decreased air permability of those systems. I am surprised by the price difference but remember that it's not all about product style. Other importan factors are base metal type, coating quality, and installation workmanship.
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