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I have a old victorian house w/ a 50 year old roof (horsehair shingles w/ asbestos). The roof is in "good" condition (I've been told by the inspector that they last a long time), but I'd like to get in front of any problems (right now, just a few leaks, and we're planning on replacing the sofit and facia boards). I rather not tear off the current roof (and call in the EPA). Can I install a metal roof OVER what I currently have. (FYI, there is no other roofing underneath)
Todd Miller
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State EPA offices, in my experience, suggest encapsulating the old asbestos roofing whenever possible rather than tearing it off and putting it in a landfill. Metal roofing can often be installed over asbestos. I would suggest the use of stainless steel self-tapping screws. I would also suggest doing some "test-drive" of screws to ensure that the asbestos hasn't become extremely brittle with age. If the fasteners make the asbestos break up real badly, going over the old roof may not be adviseable. If there is considerable thickness to the asbestos (and there probably is), it might work better to install a shingle or shake profile or a corrugated profile rather than a standing seam which, when walked on, could become imprinted by the asbestos beneath it. In looking for an appropriate metal roof, it would be best to find one which has fasteners which can be varied vertically to ensure fastening through the asbestos and into a lathe board or one which could be installed over battens. The battens would be installed over the asbestos, fastened into the lathe and trusses beneath it.
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