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I am in the process of taking off my hundred year old tin roof and replacing it with heavy prefinished standing seam rooof. My question is when the seams are crimped together should the seam be smooth from beginning to end or can i expect a wavy affect? Someone told me it was natural to have the wavy affect and can be expected however this looks tacky and unprofessional. Would it be better to use an electric seamer and would this improve or illiminate this wavy effect?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
There are different types of panels and seams. If you're looking at a pre-formned standing seam, either a snap lock, a batten panel, or a double or triple lock panel (which require the electric seamers you mentioned), the locks should be smooth and straight for the most part. If you're looking at a hand-formed and hand-crimped panel, then they will have some waviness.
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