Access on a sloped Standing Seam roof

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I need to install access steps or a sloped ladder on a 8:12 standing seam metal roof (18" panels), it has 2" tall standing seams. I need info on how to mount a ladder, or custom fabrication, in the 17" clear of one of the panels. A 14'-4" ladder will reach from the edge of the roof up to the ridge. The steps, or ladder, will allow maintenance personnel to reach a platform we are installing adjacent to an exhaust fan. I have attached a photo of the exhaust fan and the roof. Are there any ready-made products on the market or have you seen any installations like this that would help? My searches have turned up nothing similar. Thanks, Joseph Berry Architects
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
My first response is to recommend calling the manufacturer. Having said that there are a number of products made from Aluminum and Stainless that slip over the seam with set screws to hold in place. They have threaded mounting holes in the top to accept various hardware and they do have design loads. Go to some of the metal magazines who publish product lists such as modern trade, metal architecture, metal mag, metal roofing to look them up.
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