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I work for a construction management company and we are looking for a product that will pass a 200mph wind test. Metal roofing has been brought up by some of the clients. This building will be a storm emergency center as necessary. Please send me some information on products I could suggest for the construction. e- mail [email protected] Thanks.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Currently there is no dynamic 200 mph wind test. What is used is a couple of static tests deigned by UL named UL 580 and UL1897. The 580 is where a 10 x 10 roof deck is constructed with the product and tested in a machine that has alternate cycles of negative and positive air pressures on the toip and bottom of the deck. This is designed to cycle the deck similar to a gusty wind storm. A successfull test will result in a a UL 90 rating. (90 psf). On completion of this test, the 1897 is run where the cycled deck is submitted to a positive pressure of 45 psf and the top is put into vacum until it fails. This will provide the ultimate wind resistance and provides the product with a wind rating. Ours as example is -270 psf, the maximum the machine will produce. The relating of a wind speed to wind uplift takes in a number of factors. Building location which is designated as type A, B, C, D, the building height, width to height ratio, roof pitch (The lower the roof pitch the higher the uplift), overhangs, etc. They have shown that corners and overhangs can have areas where the uplift pressure is doubled. The wind maps and design criteria of ASCE & have been adopted by both the International Building code and the Florida Building code and are what is followed. Having said that select a product and ask to see there UL rating. Ours as example was completed by UL and you can go to their web site and see our published listing. Hope this background helps.
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Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You are welcome.
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I have recently built a shop with a roof consisting of engineered trusses on a 4 on 12 pitch. I have stripped it out with 2x4 pine boards @ 2ft centers. I have fastened 26 gauge roofing grade tin on it with the required 1-1/2" screws. I need something to support that this is stronger than placing the tin over CDX plywood.
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