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Is there anywhere I can get details for valley and ridge and other details for corrugated steel roofing spanning over timber or steel purlins.
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
There are a number of time tested vertical seam panels that have been born out of the agricultural building industry that are moving over into a braoder range of (residential) applications. Generally speaking the building products retail sector have become a stocking supplier of these panels and assisted into turning them into a commodity item with lower cost, lowever quality and hence a lower level of support from the manufacturer. The consumer is attempting to drive the economical panel into more complex situations than it is designed and marked for. Once you chose a panel you should contact the manufacturer directly with your application details and expected service life and conditions and ask them to approve,recommend details and supply drawings. If it is for residential application, there and a considerable number of issues that need to be dealt with such as ventilation, moisture barriers and local code requirements. If the manufacturer does not have residential details and specifications you should choose another manufacturer. As a Guide, the member manufacturers of the Metal Roofing Alliance must subscibe to the minimum performance guidelins of the Metal Construction Association which sets certain testing and manufacturing standards. The steel substrates and paint finishes as well on these agricultural panels have been designed with economics in mind and generally are for rural environments. Be aware that by applying them in polluted urban areas, on residential applications can significantly reduce their service life. Again I can't stress enough to contact the manufacturer and if they are of little or no support it should be a clue. You can check through our member manufacturers on the web site to find other suppliers that will help. Hope this helps.
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