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Having a stone coated batten shake roof , with closed valley,installed on a new home with complex roof lines. Called manufacture for a qualified installer in my area. Hired the installer after seeing some of his work . The 1st problem. continous ridge vent: took off ridge caps and noticed that the panels were cut and fitted flush to ridge board, ( suppose to be bent up 2")no venting material at all in ridge.there were also to be 3 2x2 stacked to give air space for ridge cap to set on. As per manufacture specs. None of this was done. Spoke with installer, said this is the way he does it. Called manufacture rep, rep had installer redo vent closer to spec. Front of house has 2 doormers and porch roof. Installer installed all of main roof leaving all the valley areas for last to do. He comes back and fills in the valleys and there is major color shading. Valley metal is only 10 ". 5" off center line of valleys, also his panels are to be cut and bent down at the valleys on both sides. installer is putting in first panel on one side of the valley and going over center by 1-1/2" no bend, other side is overlapping onto other panel past mid point. NOT TO INSTALL MANUAL. I e-mail rep with pictures, of shading and valleys. Rep. never gets back to me. Rep sets up time to visit the job with installer. I call rep. I ask rep why I wasn't e-mailed to let me know of his visit? He states that the installer was to let us know! I proceed to ask my questions. Shading: They aren't sure which color my roof is to be the lighter color or darker color. If they can find the lighter color they will ship the panels for the installer to finish the job. If not they will ship all new material. Valleys: not to install manual. I ask if they are alright. Rep says he thinks the way the installer put them in is okay. I ask for the Rep. to sign off on this installment,he says he CAN'T do this! I say, you recommended this contractor! Rep states that it is not company policy. Here is my questions: 1. If a company recommends a installer, shouldn't he install as per company install manual? 2. Code in Pa for valley metal is 8" on either side of valley. This company doesn't make any valley flashing. Installer is from Pa Shouldn't they at least meet code? What is a good size for valley flashing or under metal? 3. Valley panels is it best as per install manual to bend down in valleys, to create closed valley. Is a closed valley alright in PA? 4. I had 4 skids of roofing material with 4 different lot numbers. The roof is 4400 sq ft.with 2 wings( master bedroom and mudroom) and doormers. Knowledge of the lot numbers would have educated the installer as to where to place the different lots. Installer had no clue there were different lot numbers. Do other manufactures ship any lot numbers? Are installers required to pull from all skids? 5. How should I proceed at this point? Any recommendations would be helpful! Thank you
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Isaiah Industries, Inc.
IO think you have done the right thing by contacting the manufacturer. If you are not satisfied with what the rep says, then you can always go higher up within company ranks. The manufacturer should be the last authority on what is right and what is wrong regarding installation procedures. The dealers used for metal roofing are independent ... they are not a part of the manufacturer. Does the manufacturer have potential liability if they recommend an installer? Ultimately, that would be a decision that courts could decide but I think everyone's goal at this point should be to avoid letting things get to that point. As far as the valley, in most cases, provided the manufacturer has a report with the major building code, the manufacturer's pre-formed or dimensioned parts will supercede code requirements. This may be something to confirm with your local building inspector though. I am not sure I understand what they have done on the valley. Again, I would refer to the manufacturer for their approval of what has been done. If you would like to email me pictures for my input, my email is [email protected] Regarding the color situation ... I was under the understanding that consistency between color batches of stone coatings did not require separation of color lots. Maybe I am maistaken on that though. Again, the manufacturer should be able to help and if the mfr rep is not helping, go higher up. I hope this helps. Todd
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