Air Space vents on a double wide home

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I have a 25'X36' roof to be covered with a metal roof. I have 6 air space vents plus 6 other vents(3 bathroom power vents, 1 stove vent 2 sewer vent.) Will the home vent properly if the 6 air space vents are left open but covered with the metal roof? The roof will be applied over existing shingles but fasented to 3X1 strips to allow air flow. Also which is thicker 26 guage or 29 guage roofing?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
26 gauge is thicker than 29. I am a strong believer in venting and would never suggest remnoving or covering over vents. There are proper ways to flash such roof protrusions. The roofing manufacturer should have complete instructions for this.
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