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We have an old house with a double-gable roof, thus 4 steep valleys. The problem is, snow accumulates in the valleys and then melts and freezes, creating ice dams. These dams force water up and under the steel and they leak into the 4 corners of the house. What can I do to stop this problem? I've already replaced the valleys and cut the steel up farther to stop accumulation of debris (leaves, dirt, etc.).
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
I suspect that you have two main problems. You probably have a lot of heat loss into the attic which will hit the underside of the roof and cause the snow to melt. You may also have no or improper ventilation which will help to keep the attic cool in summer and better allow the escaping heat to vent in the winter. It may also be condensating on the underside of the metal roof and freezing there as well. The short term cure is to install heating cables in the valleys to keep them open while you investigate the other. Proper ventilation is minimum 1sf of free air for every 150 sf of ceiling area provided 50% at the eaves and 50% at the ridge. With your style of house there is ample opportunity to provide ridge vent but you will have limited area at the eaves. Correct this and it will go a long ways to resolve and remember to keep it balanced.
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