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I just had a 26 guage metal roof overlayed on my existing roof. Parts of the job are not good, The ridge caps are very wavy for the last few feet nearest the eves. The ends of the cap pieces at the eve have also been bent down with pliers. A cupola above the front entrance looks horrible. I mailed photos and a letter to the contractor and got no response. Another Katrina contractor strikes. Is there a published industry standard for installation quality? I have attached photos
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
Yes there are instalation standards and they are incorporated into the product approval. I would first contact the manufacturer and get their recommendations. Having said that, the trim looks like it was fabricated on site. What is normally used is a trim piec with more bends in it to provide ridgidity and they also hem the edges (fold the exposed edges under). I would think that the capping should be removed and replaced with proper material.
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