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My existing roof was put on in 1919. I am getting concerned with it because of 2 leaks. I had a contractor come in and give me a price of 28,000 ! I thought that was High and I told him so,He lowered it to 24,000 I thought more about it and talked it over with my wife we said no thank you! He called me back 1 day later with a price of 19,700 Hmmmm! Could you please help me with this question? My house is 2500sq. ft and is moderate pitch with 3 dormers! The price included metal soffit underneath. Thank you!!! Mike
Allan Reid
Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, Inc.
As an association we are not allowed to discuss price or warranty. I can say that price varies on quality and style so watch that you do not get a utility panel at a Premium price. A couple of things to . Ask to see the product approval which will show that it has been tested to meet the building code. It will also describe how it is to be installed. Ask for referances and check them out. Certainly a 20% reduction in his quote raises hairs. There is an excellant photo gallery on the web site and you can go to the maufacturers section and look up all the styles. Check to see which ones are Energy Star rated and which ones have certified coatings.
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