Standing Seam on a curve profile

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I am preparing an estimate for replacing a hot mopped roof over bowstring trusses. The building is 75 feet across and the rise of the truss is about 6 feet (so the roofing would have to be rolled to a radius of about 120 feet). The client is interested in using standing seam metal roof since this is the second time in less than ten years that the roof has been damaged by a hurricane. What are the potential problems going from flat at the top to 4 on 12 at the edge of the roof. Can standing seam be rolled to fit a curved profile. What needs to be done as far as additional fasteners for hurricane force winds. What would you expect to be a percentage increase in cost over a standard standing seam metal roof.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
A few manufacturers offer curved panels. Theyw ill be able to discuss the feasibility of this project with you and what would then be required to accomplish this. Companies like ATAS International, Fabral, Petersen Aluminum, MBCI, and Metal Sales come to mind as companies to talk to.
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