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I was wondering? I am a sub-contractor and have had some experience with metal roofs , My question is, I installed a metal roof on a commercial building that has about a 2/12 pitch. It had hot tar and gravel on it and under that it had an alluminum roof , so I contacted the city to see what we would have to do as far as weight goes. They claimed I would have to tear everything off including the aluminim roof , so I did, what a mess that made inside that guys building with all that I tore out all insulation that was between the alluminum roof and the flat roof. so now there is no insulation at all and now the city will not pass it because they said that the cross members being at 4 feet was to far apart and when you walk on it the metal creases.the psi was 80. There was also a sky light on it and so I put a new one in which was one of the flat flimsy ones and the city said they did not like that.In my experience in metal roofs on commercial propertys I have never tore off the alluminum roof that sits under. So what do you think I need to do? If I need to be more precise let me know!
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There are several factors here. One, of course, is local building codes. If they want to require tear-off, then they can do so. You could have had the option, though, of having a state licensed structural engineer inspect the building and do a study into the feasibility of leaving the old roof in place. The big question, of course, is what is necessary for that particular building. Especially with older buildings, having an engineer involved can be pretty important / helpful. Beyond that, the next issue would pertain to what sort of metal roof you installed and what sort of purlin spacing, etc. is required by it. Again, this can be dictated by building codes which are determined in part by your geographic area and what sort of ice and snow load, if any, the building can expect. However, the various manufacturers of that type of metal roofing should have load tables and engineering calculations available which will put forth suggested purlin and fastener spacing. As for the skylight ... I believe that the major building codes would call for a curbed skylight for this application rather than a flush-mounted one. I hope this helps.
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Sir, I just returned from Colorado where almost all roofing is by pro-panel products. Could you direct me where to buy materials for my roof in California. I would like to re-roof over shingle with pro-panel or vertical panel but do not know where to purchase product in southern california. I am in Palm Springs Ca. Please help! Thank You, Denis
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