Electrolytic Corrosion at Copper-steel-interface at Roof

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I am in charge of a project to restore a 75-year old awning at a Federal Building in Washington, DC. The awning has a copper sheet roof, which runs across 2"x1/4" galvanized steel flats placed on edge, (i.e. with the 1/4" surface at top and bottom) at a slope, average 14" apart, in contact with the copper sheeting which wraps over on either side, so that between these flats, the copper sheeting is at about the same level as the bottom of the steel flats. It is proposed to replace the corroded steel frame and flats with new galvanized steel material. The copper is found to be in good condition. Could you please suggest a suitable and lasting product to be used as an interface membrane between the galvanized steel and copper, to be wrapped or coated over the galvanized steel, so as to prevent electrolytic corrosion? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest contacting the Copper Development Association for their input but right off hand I would suggest a quality rubber membrane of some sort. You could also conside stainless steel rather than galvanized anmd that might help.
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