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Hi I am building a house this spring and would like to put a metal roof on what are something i should be aware of? My roof is mostly 9/12 pitch and some 12/12 pitch. What should i do to prevent moisture build up? If i have continous soffit vents and ridge cap vents is that enough? Do i need to sheet my roof osb or should i just strap it with 1x6 and then roof it? True or false I have heard some people say that a metal roof will expand and over time will loosen the screws is this true? thanks jake
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You really need to start by understanding the various types of metal roofing which area available and then choosing which is right for you. For the most part, the answer to all of your questions revolves around exactly what roofing panel is used. Yes, ridge and soffit vents are best. Many products have concealed fasteners, by the way. If you email to me at [email protected] I will email you back a guide to metal roofing which will help by explaining some of these things.
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