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I have just broke ground on building a 10' x 16' backyard shed. It will be anchored to 12 concrete pillars which go down 3' in the ground, the frame is wood 2x4's, 24" OC. Hardi-Panels (4'x8') are being used for the walls. Simpson Strong-Ties are being added all over to make my shed hurricane proof - which leads to my question about a roof. I want to put a metal roof on it, similar to ones I see here on commercial buildings. I currently have designed my roof structure using 2x4's, spaced 24". The vertical length of the roof panels will be approx. 9ft. (my roof pitch is 3.75:12). My questions . . . Can I nail/screw these steel/aluminum panels directly to my roof trusses? How are metal roofs attached to withstand hurricane strength winds? I plan on installing a ridge vent and soffit air intake to combat any condensation problems - is this the way to go? I am open to any suggestions /comments you might have as I can still change my design. Thanx.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I support the ridge and soffit vent idea. To answer your other questions, please understand thast many metal roofing products have passed the uplift tests required in high wind areas such as Dade County. In some cases, special fastening is required and the manufacturer can provide you wth that detail. As far as whether or not solid deck needs to be installed, again, that is a function of the product you choose and the way it has been designed and tested for performance. I know that it is easy to look at metal roofing and feel that our products are all pretty similar -- basically generic. In reality, though, that is not the case. You can use this website to find products you might like and then contact their manufacturers for additional information.
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