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am bidding the construction of a large barn. client wants vertical panel metal roof (copper color) what would you suggest to prevent condensation? Liners or some other type of insulation.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
First of all, you have to choose what product you're installing and then find out how it has been tested and developed to be installed. Because of the property owner's desire for copper color, you will likely be limited to some of the better standing seam systems rather than a "through-fastened" product like is often installed on barns. With many of the standing seams, you will need to install solid decking and underlayment. In that case, you should have no special ventilation issues to be concerned about unless, perhaps, if the barn is to be heated or have a lot of animal confinement. If you install a metal roof not on solid decking and underlayment then, yes, I would suggest an insulation with a vapor barrier on the bottom side of it. Again, though, it is critical to select a product and then work with the manufacturer to determine how it should be installed.
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