sleeper reqmts. when roofing over shingles

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What size material is recommended as sleepers for metal roofing installed over existing shingle roofing - 1x4s or 2x4s? I am concerned about the fastening of the sleepers to existing rafters, so the thickness will affect fastener lengths and may not add either to wind resistance (as in hurricanes) or to heat reflection.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Carl, There are residential metal roofs which can be installed in this way and some which cannot. I really cannot answer this question because the answer is based upon development and testing work done by the manufacturer of your roofing and perhaps also by local building codes. After you choose or determine what product you are using, the manufacturer of that product can tell you what is required. Unfortunately, many people have the perception that metal roofing is "generic" -- all products are the same. That really isn't the case. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.
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