Screw problems/metal shavings rusting

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We thought we had done everything possible in making sure we would get a great metal roof. We even went to the trouble of ordering special stainless steel roofing screws with painted heads. The roofer supervisor told us that his guys would love the self-tapping kind of screws and that is what we got. The screw manufacturer told us that the exact screws we were looking for (with neoprene washers) were made of steel, with stainless steel heads. This sounded logical. Now the roof has been installed, and I must say, it looks wonderful. It is a 5v metal crimp roof, manufacturered by Millennium Metals in Jacksonville Florida. It is bright white. The problem we are seeing is that where the self tapping screws were drilled into the roof panels, the screws kicked up some little metal shavings, which are now rusting and are adhering to the roof! We tried to wash the roof with the garden hose, and the metal shavings stayed there. We will try to scrub them this weekend, but they have already left rust marks, which I believe will continue to rust. Our roof is unbelievably steep and we will not be able to get up to the main part of it and scrub these little metal shavings and rust off of the roof (It is kind of an "A" frame-type of house and the roof is impossible to get up onto). I am afraid that in a few years this will get worse and these things will really start to cause problems. And look bad. I am asking for your advice on what to do. Is this a typical problem and we should just accept that this will happen? I am sure the roofers are not going to come back and scrub our roof and they are certainly not going to re-roof this house either. I am just looking for advice. Thanks so much. This message board has been an incredible source of information to us. John
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I do not manufacture that type of roofing so I cannot say much as far as how common this issue is. However, I have heard at one point that using Soft Scrub cleanser can take away the shavings and rust. Try it in a limited areas first to make sure it does not damage the paint system.
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