Gambrel Roof on Dutch Colonial Home

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I have a brick Dutch colonial home with a typical gambrel roof. The front of the house has an extension with a steeply sloped roof. There are also three doormers (two in front and one on the back side of the house. I'm very interested in metal roofing as I need to replace my roof this year. The problem is I'm not sure how a metal roof would look with the gambrel roof lines in the front of the house. I have searched for pictures/exmaples of this type with metal roofs but have not found a single one. Is the reason that my search has come up empty because this is not done? I tried researching info on gambrel roofs in this forum but I'm concerned the lack of examples and models means that metal roofs should be avoided in this situation. Has anyone seen or done metal on gambrel styled roofs? Opinions? Also, what is the price compared to coventional asphalt shingles? Thank you.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Gosh, metal has been used on many gambrel style roofs. One thing you may wish to consider would be to use a shingle, slate, or shake look metal roof instead of vertical seam. It may have a bit more of a natural and residnetial look on a gambrel roof.
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hi there. reaching out to you from a few years ago..about your gambrell roof question and your thoughts about doing a metal roof. i was considering doing the same thing...i'm trying to dress up, or so something to my front elevation. not sure whether to do metal (could look cool, but not sure) or replacet the asphalt with somethign natural like cedar shingles or shakes. what did you end up doing?? matt in Bethesda, MD
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